Mecklenburg County and Gaston County 2023 Real Property Assessments 


County governments determine your real property tax burden based on an ad valorem assessment of the property's value. It is required by NC State Law for all real property to be reappraised as soon as every 4-8 years; the last time was this was completed in Mecklenburg County was in 2019.

In January 2023, Mecklenburg County and Gaston County NC are completing their revaluation of all real property in their respective counties to determine current market values for every parcel. As residents of these two counties, you may have already received an unwanted surprise in the mail telling you your tax value has gone up, and now it may seem as though your assessment is too high.

Unfortunately, matters like this can seldom be resolved with a phone call. However, Mecklenburg County provides a form included with the Notice of Revaluation for the property owner to complete and return to the Tax Assessor's office. Once it is received, the county Assessor's Office will contact the property owner with an "informal" decision and further instructions for the property owner.

If you still feel as though your property was overvalued, a professional, independent appraisal is often your best bet in proving your case. That's where we can help!



Hiring Home Analytics Appraisal to perform an independent valuation of your property is the best way to determine if your property was overvalued by the tax assessor's office. An appraisal completed on your behalf, performed under the standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), is powerful -- and defensible -- expert testimony of what a fair market value for your property should be.

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