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The past 12-18 months have been challenging for Real Estate practitioners in all fields. The housing market in the Charlotte area has changed in ways few people anticipated. These changes have complicated the marketing and sales of real estate. Sellers have unrealistic expectations of the values of their homes or how long it may take to sell. Neighborhoods have experienced foreclosure and short-sales that have skewed the market. Buyers now have unprecedented opportunities to get a great bargain when buying a home or investment property. Brokers must be able to deliver accurate and timely information to their clients in order to be successful in this market. We can help!

Home Analytics Appraisal is proud to announce the addition of the Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report© to our services. This report was developed specifically for the needs of Real Estate Brokers for use in conjunction with their marketing services for listings. Pricing begins at $450 for this service and includes an as-built measured floor plan for your listing! That's only $450 for an as-built floor plan AND a full appraisal! (Additional charges for larger homes, unique homes, and properties located outside of Mecklenburg county. Call to confirm price for your specific property.)

Click here to download the request form for a Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report

The Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report includes: 

  • value range based on a current comparable sales and competing listings analysis,
  • A measured As-Built Floor Plan developed in full compliance with the NC Real Estate Commission guidelines and the American National Standards Institute Z761-2003 Standard for use with your marketing materials,
  • A fully documented analysis of the subject neighborhood AND the surrounding competing market for the subject property is developed in this report. For clarity and ease of understanding, graphs and in-depth comments regarding current trends are included for easy explanation and discussion with your clients,
  • Easy-to-read site maps, FEMA Flood Hazard Rate maps (where applicable), and comparable sale maps, interior and exterior photos of the subject property, and in-depth descriptions of the subject property features and condition of the subject property,
  • A complete sales comparison analysis that includes current listed properties competing with the subject property along with a summary explanation of adjustments and major differences between comparable properties and the subject property.

Reports can be expanded and fully customized to answer your specific questions regarding your listing, such as, “Which improvements or repairs will best help my client sell their home more quickly?” or “My client is relocating for a new job in a few weeks. How do I price this listing to best ensure that it will sell within a specific time-frame?”

These days, when a broker lists a home for sale, there may be concern as to whether an appraisal completed at the time of sale will support the sale price. A small investment in your listing by obtaining a Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report can reduce these worries. Comparable sales AND CURRENT LISTINGS are included in the analysis to best demonstrate how the subject property fits in to the current competitive market and can help to reduce the chance that an “appraisal issue” doesn’t delay or completely derail your sale.

Some listed properties may not be as comparable to the other available sold or listed properties in the neighborhood where they are located. You may be listing a property in an area where you have not had much experience. These properties require specialized knowledge and local expertise to determine which sales or listings best compare to your listing to help you to price it accurately.

With 15 years of experience as a N.C. Certified Residential Appraiser and as a native of Charlotte who has been here to witness the wide-spread changes to our city and the surrounding counties, I am uniquely qualified to give you the most accurate valuations and best advise you on your listing price for selling a home in any market.

Market volatility in real estate markets is a fact of life these days. Markets can and do change during the course of a property’s listing. Sometimes, your pricing and sales strategy for a listing has to change with the market to be sure that your client’s listing does not stay on the market any longer than necessary or all of your hard work and time could be lost with no sale. By utilizing our Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to help your clients sell quickly and for the full market value of their property.

Click here to download the request form for a Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report

Questions? Call or email Ed Odham today and find out if the Broker Appraisal & Marketing Report can help with any or all of your listings!


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